Power-Thumb v.3 is the latest custom Bass Controller extra slim and fitted for all acoustic and semiacoustic and electric double basses.


The controller was designed in 2017 for Martin Masakowski from New Orelans.

It has:

* x-y joystic with a pushbutton

* 4 led colored soft switches each adjustable indivicually in brightness

* 2 sliders

* 2 rotary encoders, one with a button the other stepwise with 16 steps for precision dialing or menu selection

* 2 potentiometers

* laser distance module with on/off miniature toggle switch

* 4 momentary switches with Led status indication for selecting one of the 4 scenes generating MIDI Output.

* via setup mode one can change the behaviour of the joystick:

mode 1 is normal operation

mode 2 remembers the positions of x and y axis when the joystick button is pushed until the next push of the button.


In fact each scene outputs its own MIDI Control Changes, so it Button 1 is pressed on scene 1 Button 1 is not pressed on scene 2-4. The controller remembers the states of the buttons and rotary encoders so that you have in fact 16 buttons, 8 rotary encoders, 4 Joysticks and 4 horizontal sliders.


It uses MIDI over USB communication to any software capable of MIDI. For example softwares like Ableton LIVE, MainStage, MaxMsp etc.


The plane on the back is where the mounting structure will be placed, for this bass it was installed with the instrument for custom fit.

The Power-Thumb mounts through strong velcro with a curved couterpart under the fretboard, here on self built acoustic travel bass that can be completely disassmbled, fingerboard, scroll and all, by Martin Maskowski. The controller "floats" above the bass belly withouth touching it.

sideview the height of the Mahoni casing is about 2,5 cm on the front


custom Midi-controller for double Bass


Power-Thumb v.3

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