Power-Thumb v.2 is the second model custom Bass Controller for a Yamaha Silent Bass SLB-200.


The controller was designed in 2015 for Lucas Dols for TinMen&theTelephone.

It has a x-y joystic with a pushbutton, 4 superbright led colored soft switches, slider, potentiometer, infrared module and 2 momentary switches. It uses USB-2 serial communication to MaxMSP from where it sends normal MIDI to other softwares like LIVE, MainStage, etc.

The momentary switches and pushbutton are mapped with timingalgorithms so that they can execute 2-3 different operations.


custom Midi-controller for double Bass


Power-Thumb v.2.1.

Lucas Dols setup with the integrated bass controller... Ready for TinMen&theTelephone.

Arduino Nano v.3 inside, high quality components used exclusively. The casing is laser cut and engraved. If desired a personal engraving could be added.

Prototyping the v.2.1 with all actual sensors

The Power-Thumb mounts through strong velcro with a curved couterpart under the fretboard,, here on the Yamaha SLB-200. Freedom to play is created for the thumb as well as direct accesability while playing.

Lasercut custom casing in Mahoni massive wood

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