custom Midi-controller for acoustic bass


Power-Thumb is a Bass Controller for all sorts of basses including the acoustic double bass.


Power-Thumb is a MIDI controller that connects via USB to a laptop allowing the player comfortable and intuitive control over real time software whilst remaining in his playing focus.

The sensors can be programmed to be multi-functional, some of them emit light for feedback purpose.

Power-Thumb v3

Martin Masakowski and his Power-Thumb v3 on his custom travel bass

Power-Thumb v1

The first version with a semiacoustic bass made by Heiner Windelband

Power-Thumb v2

Lucas Dols setup with the integrated bass controller, on a Yamaha SLB-200.. Ready for TinMen&theTelephone.

My personal setup with the Ahaddaf Quartet with SuperCollider and a small little amp... ;-)

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